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Our apps increase profits, and solve a variety of common challenges
Legal Billing Software and Practice Management Automation
Our apps work easily with many billing and practice management systems
Computer-Assisted Billing
Eliminate write-downs and write-offs, automate UTBMS codes, comply with billing rules and guidelines
Budget Automation
Real-time budgeting insights and alerts, integrate law firm and client systems
E-Signing and Blockchain
Make digital files permanently verifiable, easily e-sign documents by email, text, and social media
Apps for Clients
Speed up invoice review, automate billing rules, standardize UTBMS/LEDES codes
Crowdfunding for Lawyers GroupFundLegal
Crowdfunding for Lawyers
Share expensive fees among many clients, increase revenues while charging clients less!
#1 Client Intake Software for Law Firms | EffortlessIntake
Practice Management
Automate your client intake process, convert LEDES invoice formats, and more


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Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for Budget Monitoring Before Using EffortlessBudget

$ 1,668

Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for LEDES (UTBMS) Coding Before Using LedesAssist

$ 972

Estimated Annual Cost Per Invoice for Converting LEDES Formats Before Using LEDESConvert

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Complex algorithms ensure accuracy
Machine Learning

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