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Legal Billing Software & Time Entry | BillerAssist
Billing Automation
Use AI and machine learning to increase your firm's realization rates, while decreasing write-offs
Crowdfunding for Lawyers GroupFundLegal
Increase revenues while charging clients less! Confidential, private and secure
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Budget Automation
Real-time budgeting insights and alerts, easy and accurate budget estimates
#1 Client Intake Software for Law Firms | EffortlessIntake
Practice Management
Automate your client intake process, convert LEDES invoice formats, and more
Clio Integrations
Use our apps easily with Clio. No migration or installation required
Timeslips Integrations
Put Timeslips in the cloud! Our apps work easily with Timeslips
RocketMatter Integrations
No need to change systems! Our apps work easily with RocketMatter
Ledes Format Converter | 1998b to 2000 | Convert PDF to LEDES Format | Ledes 1998b to Ledes 2000
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Our apps increase profits, and solve a variety of common challenges

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No need to switch billing systems
Computers do your boring work
Cloud Based
Nothing to install or maintain

The Value Is Clear

$ 45,000

Estimated Annual Cost Per Partner for Billing Review Before Using BillerAssist

$ 1,296

Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for Budget Monitoring Before Using EffortlessBudget

$ 828

Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for LEDES Coding Before Using LedesAssist

$ 972

Estimated Annual Cost Per Invoice for Converting LEDES Formats Before Using LEDESConvert

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Stress Management: How to Reduce the Pressures of the Profession

Stress Management: How to Reduce the Pressures of the Profession

We know that the film and television industry portrays the legal profession as non-stop excitement and drama, such as in Chicago Justice and Law and Order, but the reality is that being a lawyer is not that at all. Quite the contrary, being a lawyer often involves long hours filled with tremendous demands and stress, advocating for your clients, meeting billable hour requirements, long days engaging in client development, and getting your bills submitted and…

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Optimize Law Firm Revenue

Optimize Law Firm Revenue

Optimize Law Firm Revenue Innovative solutions for smarter billing have arrived to drive revenue increases for your law firm. Optimize Bills Review and Submission Lawyers are all too familiar with the rush to get bills out every month. According to The Un-Billable Hour, a law practice and advisory podcast finds attorneys are losing money with problems due to non-billable tasks like, “disorganization, slow response to clients, late billing invoices and not tracking time,” which results…

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Optimize Local Counsel Management

Optimize Local Counsel Management

Managing local counsel and assembling their billing is a time-consuming challenge.  Manual entry and non-compliant billing cause delays in the legal billing process, with both lead and local counsel losing time, productivity, and ultimately profit. Without accurate and organized systems in place to manage the local counsel billing process, attorneys can expect to continue to lose out on revenue and un-billable administrative time. However, optimizing local counsel management is now made easier than ever before…

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What is Machine Learning and How Does BillerAssist Use It?

What is Machine Learning and How Does BillerAssist Use It?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning may feel mystical and hard to understand. However, as Arthur C. Clark said, "[a]ny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Machine learning may look like magic, but under the hood, it's easy to understand.  Let’s start by understanding traditional programming. In my first computer class, the instructor did an exercise that stuck with me. It goes like this:  “Mark, please ask your neighbor Katy to stand up and walk…

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