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Legal Billing Software & Time Entry | BillerAssist
Billing Automation
Use AI and machine learning to increase your firm's realization rates, while decreasing write-offs
Increase revenues while charging clients less! Confidential, private and secure
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Budget Automation
Real-time budgeting insights and alerts, easy and accurate budget estimates
#1 Client Intake Software for Law Firms | EffortlessIntake
Practice Management
Automate your client intake process, convert LEDES invoice formats, and more
Clio Integrations
Use our apps easily with Clio. No migration or installation required
Timeslips Integrations
Put Timeslips in the cloud! Our apps work easily with Timeslips
Ledes Format Converter | 1998b to 2000 | Convert PDF to LEDES Format
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Locks up your confidential information
No need to switch billing systems
Computers do your boring work
Cloud Based
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The Value Is Clear

$ 45,000

Estimated Annual Cost Per Partner for Billing Review Before Using BillerAssist

$ 1,296

Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for Budget Monitoring Before Using EffortlessBudget

$ 828

Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for LEDES Coding Before Using LedesAssist

$ 972

Estimated Annual Cost Per Invoice for Converting LEDES Formats Before Using LEDESConvert


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Law Firms, Clients Should Heed the Tech World, Consider Crowdfunding

Law Firms, Clients Should Heed the Tech World, Consider Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs routinely use crowdfunding platforms to help fund their big ideas. When it comes to crowdfunding for lawyers and legal cases, however, the practice hasn’t quite caught on. Concerns about potential ethical and privacy issues have appropriately led to caution and skepticism among legal professional. But there is real opportunity for law firms and clients alike to fund their lawsuits and other legal projects by taking a cue from the tech world and the lessons…

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Prioritizing Cybersecurity to Protect Client Information from Data Breaches

Prioritizing Cybersecurity to Protect Client Information from Data Breaches

Are you taking “reasonable efforts” to keep your law firm & clients’ information safe from a data breach? In 2017, the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility issued Formal Opinion 477R, which “explained a lawyer’s ethical responsibility to use reasonable efforts when communicating client confidential information using the Internet.” More recently, in October of 2018, the same Standing Committee issued Formal Opinion 483, providing new guidance “on an attorney’s ethical obligations after a data breach.”…

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“Moneyball” for Lawyers: The Value of UTBMS/LEDES Codes

“Moneyball” for Lawyers: The Value of UTBMS/LEDES Codes

Since they were introduced over 20 years ago, Uniformed Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) billing codes have brought clarity to billing and related data analysis. In fact, clients are now increasingly using UTBMS billing codes to analyze much more than just the cost of legal services. For those who might not be familiar, UTBMS codes are used to classify legal services and expenses performed by a law firm or other vendor. UTBMS billing codes categorize legal work and…

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Artificial Intelligence: A Litigator’s New Best Friend?

Artificial Intelligence: A Litigator’s New Best Friend?

As the ways to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) grow, so do the amount of people implementing this cutting-edge technology to their work.  According to Statista, the rate of adoption is quite high — global revenues from AI for enterprise applications is projected to grow from $1.62B in 2018 to $31.2B in 2025. Its popularity reaches every sector and is substantially affecting the legal space as well. The possibilities for lawyers to benefit from AI are…

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