Computer-Assisted Billing


Substantially Decrease Write-Offs
· Uses your existing legal billing system
· Prevents non-billable work with real-time notifications to all timekeepers
· Increases your firm's realization and collection rates
· Substantially decreases write-downs and write-offs
· Comply with billing guidelines, configurable by client or matter
· Drastically reduces time needed to review legal bills
· Learns from your own billing records, and from your changes
Push button, get LEDES codes
· Uses your existing billing system
· Automatically applies all UTBMS/LEDES codes
· No more searching for codes in pulldown menus!
· Standardizes codes used for tasks and expenses
· Works with all standard UTBMS code sets
· Learns from your own billing records, and from your changes
Decrease Write-Offs, Eliminate Coding Hassles
· Combines BillerAssist and LedesAssist into one convenient app
· Uses your existing billing system
· Enables you to invite Local Counsel for particular matters only
· Automatically alerts for violations of your clients’ billing rules
· Learns from your own billing records, and from your changes
Easily Stay on Budget As You Work
· Alerts you when you are nearing budget
· Specific alerts for attorneys working on specific matters
· “Always on” technology continuously monitors your billing
· Works with BillerAssist, LedesAssist, BillerAssist LEDES Edition, Serengeti (Legal Tracker), and various billing systems

Attorneys must exercise “billing judgment," and “make a good-faith effort" to exclude charges and expenses “that are excessive, redundant, or otherwise unnecessary."

Hensley v. Eckerhart, 461 U.S. 424 (1983)

What Our Users Are Saying

BillerAssist LEDES Edition

“The BillerAssist LEDES Edition application drastically reduced the time it took me to clean up my clients' bills and increased our firm’s realization rates at the same time."
Ernest W.
Practicing Lawyer | Illinois

"Previously, entering time and expenses was very time-consuming. With BillerAssist, I am able to complete my billing more efficiently without partners having to spend a lot of time revising my entries."
Angelo S.
Paralegal | Illinois
BillerAssist LEDES Edition

"BillerAssist LEDES Edition was very beneficial to our firm and for the local counsel involved with our matters."
Sarin P.
Paralegal | Illinois

"BillerAssist is the most efficient legal billing software app I have ever used!"
Nicole T.
Practicing Lawyer | Michigan

"Automated UTBMS/LEDES codes completely removed the hassle, and our associates were cheering!"
Eric T.
Practicing Lawyer | California
BillerAssist LEDES Edition

"BillerAssist LEDES Edition took the hassle out of billing. Its automation features for time and expense entries made billing much quicker and more efficient. A must have for law firms and their staff!"
Eric H.
Paralegal | Illinois

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Tested and proven in live law firms
Complex algorithms ensure your data is correct
Get your work done from anywhere
Lightning Fast
Drastically reduces time spent on legal time billing and related tasks
Machine Learning
Our patent-pending systems adapt to the way you do things
Works easily with many billing systems. Nothing to install!
Substantially increase your law firm's productivity

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Everything You Want

  • No installation required.
  • Easily and automatically connects with your existing software.
  • Adds powerful features that will speed up your billing.
  • Assisted Billing helps with billing review by flagging bills and potential issues.
  • Make your existing software smarter, easier and more accurate. 
  • No need to migrate your data.
  • Automatically applies UTBMS/LEDES codes to time and expense entries.
  • Learns and grows smarter from use, learns your unique billing needs.
  • Standardizes UTBMS/LEDES coding, to make the codes useful.
  • Standardizes text descriptions, to make your bills clean and professional. 
  • Suggests accurate descriptions of work. 

  • Automates the billing review process.
  • Alerts for charges that appear to be too high.
  • Alerts for non-standard billing entries or entries that appear to be incorrect.
  • Remembers approved billing and uses artificial intelligence to improve billing.
  • Can be used with almost any billing system, even proprietary platforms.
  • No charge for Local Counsel users.
  • Enables users to invite Local Counsel to log time and expense entries for particular matters.
  • Local Counsel users can enter time for multiple firms.
  • Local Counsel entries can be easily added to their own billing.
  • Automates time and expense entries to make billing more accurate.
  • Substantially reduces time spent reviewing bills.