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•  Customize to fit your needs

•  Self-hosted solutions

•  Heightened data security

Many of our applications are designed for law firms serving institutional clients

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Speed up invoice review and approval, achieve clean and compliant billing in real-time, and get your bills out over 5x faster!
BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition
Speed up invoice review and approval, achieve real-time billing guidelines compliance, completely automate your UTBMS coding!
Effortless EasyCodes
Completely automate your UTBMS coding. No more tedious and time consuming hassle!

The Value Is Clear

Our legal software boosts your bottom line


Estimated Annual Cost Per Partner for Billing Review Before Using BillerAssist


Estimated Annual Cost Per Timekeeper for UTBMS Coding Before Using Effortless EasyCodes


Estimated Annual Cost Per Partner for Coding and Reviewing Bills Before Using BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition

Data And Security Protection | Effortless Legal

Heightened Data Security and Protection

Our applications are secure by design, implementation, and in practice.

We lock up your data by complying with the NIST cybersecurity framework, along with GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, PIPEDA, and more.

Self-Hosted Deployments

We understand the need for data security and protection.

For firms that require more, we make all of our apps available for self-hosted deployments.

Self-Hosted and On-Prem Deployments | Law Tech Insights
Legal Tech Customization To Fit Your Workflow

Customizations to Fit Your Workflows

Off-the-shelf solutions too often require undesirable changes to law firm workflows.

We make all of our apps available for customization to fit a law firm's specific needs and requirements.


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Our Applications Have These


Cloud Based
Nothing to install or maintain
Complex algorithms ensure accuracy
Machine Learning

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