Computer Assisted Billing

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BillerAssist substantially reduces the amount of time involved in your billing process.

·  Uses your existing billing system

·  Increases your firm’s realization rates, while decreasing write-offs

·  Tells your timekeepers when they are over-billing

·  Allows you to set custom rules to automatically clean up your entries

·  Learns from your changes

Tedious billing is now the old way of doing things.  The faster, cheaper, and better way is BillerAssist.

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as low as



for Your Entire Firm!

Estimated cost of Billing Review
per partner
Cost of BillerAssist
For Your Entire Firm
as low as $ 29 /month

Estimate assumes $375 /hr average partner billing rate, average of 10 hours per month per partner spent on cleaning up time and expense entries prior to submitting bills to clients.

Attorneys must exercise “billing judgment," and “make a good-faith effort" to exclude charges and expenses “that are excessive, redundant, or otherwise unnecessary."

Hensley v. Eckerhart, 461 U.S. 424 (1983)

as low as

$29 monthly

For Your Entire Firm!

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Important Features

Smarter Billing


Our app predicts what your time entry will be as you type it!


Our app works in real time, notifying your attorneys and paralegals along the way when the amount of time they allocate to a specific task or a particular matter is unreasonable or excessive. This means excessive entries get corrected along the way.

In addition, the Assisted Time entry feature notifies your timekeepers when their entries violate your clients’ billing rules. This means non-compliant entries also get corrected along the way.

Moreover, the Assisted Time Entry feature helps your attorneys and paralegals standardize their time entries to follow specific formats, diction, and conventions, before any partner has to make revisions.


Our patent-pending Assisted Billing Review feature provides clear color codes for particular time or expense entries that are excessive or unreasonable. Assisted Billing Review also tells you when the total amount of time accumulated in a particular matter is becoming excessive or unreasonable.

This feature also provides clear alerts regarding any remaining issues as to your clients’ billing rules. This ensures compliance, and reduces manual review time to almost zero.

In addition, Assisted Billing Review helps you standardize your bills, by letting you know when a particular text description in a time entry is unusual. It makes your bills more professional!


BillerAssist learns from your changes. This means our app becomes more and more accurate and helpful as you use it.


BillerAssist works with many online billing and practice management systems, like Clio.

BillerAssist also works with many self-hosted or locally installed systems, like TimeSlips.

We also offer integration services. If you use a proprietary or other non-standard billing system, please contact us at (800) 427-5510 or, and ask for BillerAssist integration


BillerAssist helps you get your bills done at lightning speed.

BillerAssist substantially reduces the time it takes for you to clean up your bills.  It also speeds up the ease and accuracy for your attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff to log time and expense entries.


EffortlessLegal takes security seriously.  

Our systems are regularly checked and certified by security experts.  Contact us if you would like a copy of the latest report.

Like most quality online systems, all of your data with our app is encrypted both “in transit" and “at rest."  In other words, all transmissions to and from the BillerAssist service, and all items stored in the BillerAssist system, are all encrypted using at least 256-bit SSL certificates, providing strong “bank-grade" security.

As an additional and unique security measure, all of your confidential data is locked up with a separate “application level" encryption key.  This means that, even if hackers are somehow able to penetrate our various security measures, the hackers will still not be able to read your confidential information.

In addition, your sensitive and confidential data is only stored in BillerAssist for a short period of time.   All data containing any client or matter references, billing rates, or any reference to your firm or any of its attorneys is automatically deleted from the BillerAssist system within 90 days after you are done using it.  The rest is stored in your own billing system!

Only the non-confidential “metadata" — i.e., anonymized data, with no reference to any client, matter, attorney, law firm, or billing rate — is stored past the 90-day mark, and is encrypted “in transit" and “at rest" just like it is in most quality online billing platforms, as well as with our “application level" encryption.  This is the data that allows your billing process to become more and more efficient.  But it has zero value to a hacker that might try to steal it.

For more information about encryption, and why it is important, please see our article on the subject!

Tested and Proven

We are committed to providing an awesome user experience.

Toward that end, BillerAssist was thoroughly tested and proven for over one year in a live law firm before it was released to the public!

Add Your Local Counsel for Free

We allow you to add Local Counsel users to your account for no extra charge.

You can also assign only specific matters to your Local Counsel, in order that they see only what they need.

This allows you to easily and quickly get your Local Counsel's time entries and expenses entered into your billing system.

And all of their time and expense entries will be standardized, just like yours!

"BillerAssist is the most efficient legal billing website I have ever used!"
Nicole T.
Practicing Lawyer in Michigan

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Detailed Features

  • No installation required.
  • Automates your billing review process.
  • Can be used stand alone, with any billing system and even proprietary billing systems.
  • Can be customized for specific billing systems, even proprietary billing systems.
  • Invite lawyers not with your firm (Local Counsel) to log time for your clients.
  • Enables users to invite Local Counsel to log time and expense entries for particular matters.
  • Local Counsel entries can be easily added to their own billing.
  • Automates time and expense entries to make billing more accurate.
  • Alerts for charges that appear to be too high.
  • Alerts for non-standard billing entries or entries that appear to be incorrect.

  • Remembers approved billing and uses artificial intelligence to improve billing.
  • Predicts what your time entry will be as you type it.
  • Easily and automatically connects with your existing software.
  • Adds powerful features that will speed up your billing.
  • Make your existing billing software smarter, easier and more accurate.
  • No need to migrate your data.
  • Learns and grows smarter from use, learns your unique billing needs.
  • Suggests accurate descriptions of work.
  • Standardizes text descriptions, to make your bills clean and professional.
  • Assisted Billing helps with billing review by flagging bills with potential issues.

as low as

$29 monthly

For Your Entire Firm!

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