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Apps That Work With
Practice Panther

Available Now!
Speed up invoice review and approval, achieve clean billing in real-time, and get your bills out over 5x faster!
Effortless EasyCodes
Available Now!
Completely automate your UTBMS coding. No more tedious and time consuming hassle!
BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition
Available Now!
Speed up invoice review and approval, achieve real-time billing guidelines compliance, completely automate your UTBMS coding
Ledes Format Converter | 1998b to 2000 | Convert PDF to LEDES Format | Ledes 1998b to Ledes 2000
Available Now!
Easily edit, merge, combine, and convert LEDES 1998B invoices!

Watch How Easy It Is

BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition
works great with PracticePanther

BillerAssist works great with PracticePanther

Effortless EasyCodes works great with PracticePanther

All of Our Apps Have These


Cost Effective
Tested and proven to save time and money in live law firms
Get your work done from anywhere
Machine Learning
Our AI and machine learning systems adapt to the way you do things
Keeps your data safe with bank-grade security
Complex algorithms ensure your data is correct
Lightning Fast
Drastically reduces time spent on legal time billing and related tasks
Works easily with PracticePanther! Nothing to install!
Computers do your boring work

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Practice Panther Integration Features

  • Import/export your time entries
  • Import/export your expense entries
  • Import/export your contacts
  • Import/export matters
  • Import metadata from PracticePanther
  • Easily toggle between our apps and PracticePanther using our PracticePanther Integration Bar

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