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Automates Your LEDES/UTBMS Coding

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LedesAssist eliminates the need for time-consuming and tedious LEDES/UTBMS coding:

  • Uses your existing billing system
  • Automatically codes your entries as you bill, or processes an entire month of entries in minutes!
  • No more scrolling through menus to select the proper codes for each entry
  • No more idiosyncratic or erroneous codes
  • Learns from your changes

LEDES coding is now completely automated and accurate!

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as low as



for Your Entire Firm!

Pricing Information

Estimated cost of LEDES coding
per timekeeper
Cost of LEDESAssist
for Your Entire Firm
as low as $19/month

Estimate assumes $250 /hr average timekeeper billing rate, average of 4 seconds per time entry to use standard drop-down menu selection tools to add UTBMS billing codes to each time and expense entry, average of 250 time entries per timekeeper per month.

as low as

$19 monthly

for Your Entire Firm!

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Important Features

Precise Automation

ACCURATE: Our patent-pending process provides accurate codes for all LEDES tasks and expenses.

LedesAssist uses your own billing data to provide accurate codes for all UTBMS billing tasks and expenses — just the way you like them!

If your firm is new to LEDES coding, don’t worry — you can just use our data to complete the automation!

Before you send any bills to your clients using your own billing system, LedesAssist also allows you to easily and quickly review all the automatically applied UTBMS billing codes and make any changes you want.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Learns from your prior edits and corrected LEDES format coded entries. It also becomes more and more accurate as you use it thanks to our patent-pending AI technology.

Keep your existing billing system

LedesAssist works with many online billing and law practice management software, like Clio.

It also works with many self-hosted or locally installed systems, like TimeSlips.

We also offer integration services. If you use a proprietary or other non-standard billing system, please contact us at (800) 427-5510 or info@EffortlessLegal.com, and ask for LedesAssist integration.

Fast Results

LedesAssist works at rocket speed!

It automatically codes time and expense entries as you enter them.  It works completely behind the scenes, with nothing for you to do at all!

You can also use it to automatically add UTBMS billing codes to pre-entered time entries.  Using this feature, you can code an entire month's worth of time entries for dozens of attorneys and paralegals in a matter of minutes.

Highly Secure

EffortlessLegal takes security seriously.

Like most quality online systems, all of your data with our app is encrypted both “in transit" and “at rest."

In other words, all transmissions to and from the LedesAssist service, and all items stored in the LedesAssist system, are all encrypted using at least 256-bit SSL certificates, providing strong “bank-grade" security.

As an additional security measure, our systems are regularly checked and certified by security experts who specialize in high-risk industries like banking and financial services. Contact us if you would like a copy of the latest report.

For more information about encryption, and why it is important, please see our article on the subject!

Tested for over a year

EffortlessLegal places user experience above all else.  We incorporate extensive user testing and feedback into all of our products.

LedesAssist was tested for over one year in a live law firm before release!

Local Counsel Users Are Free

We allow you to add Local Counsel users to your account for no extra charge.

You can also assign only specific matters to your Local Counsel, in order that they see only what they need.

This allows you to easily and quickly get your Local Counsel's time entries and expenses entered into your billing system.

And all of their time and expense entries will be automatically UTBMS-coded, just like yours!

Detailed List of Features

  • Easily and automatically connects with your existing software.
  • Automatically applies accurate LEDES/UTBMS codes as you bill.
  • Local Counsel can easily add entries to their own billing.
  • Adds powerful features that will speed up your billing.
  • Make your existing software smarter, easier and more accurate.
  • Automatically applies UTBMS billing codes to time and expense entries.
  • Learns and grows smarter from use, learns your unique billing needs.
  • Enables users to invite Local Counsel to log time and expense entries for particular matters.

  • No installation required.
  • No need to migrate your data.
  • Allows batch-processing to code an entire month of entries in just minutes
  • Remembers approved billing and uses artificial intelligence to improve billing.
  • Can be used stand alone, with any billing system and even proprietary billing systems.
  • Can be customized for specific billing systems, even proprietary billing systems.
  • Invite lawyers not with your firm (Local Counsel) to log time for your clients.
  • Local Counsel users can enter time for multiple firms.

as low as

$19 monthly

for Your Entire Firm!

Pricing Information

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