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Legal Spend Management Software | BillerAssist for Clients
Control Your Legal Spend, Standardize Your Billing Data
· Works with your existing system
· Flags non-compliant entries for your outside counsel to correct prior to invoice submission
· Flags unreasonable or excessive charges prior to invoice submission
· Provides an easy invoice review interface with flagging features
· Learns from your own billing data, and from your changes
· Easily create hundreds of different kinds of reports that you can also download
Legal Spend Management Software | BillerAssist for Clients COMPLETE
Complete AI-Powered Invoice and Matter Management System
· Complete standalone system
· Includes all the features of BillerAssist for Clients
· Automatically enforce budgets, status reporting, and timely billing requirements
· Easily track invoices and payments
· Comes with a secure messaging and status reporting interface
- Allows encrypted transfer of sensitive files
Blockchain E-Signing | DocumentConnex
Blockchain E-Signing
· Use blockchain technology to make a permanent record of the exact contents, time, and date of digital files.
· Prevent fraud, forgery, or alteration of documents, audio recordings, movies, and more
· Make trademark, copyright, contract (including versioning), and other assets permanently verifiable
· E-Sign documents by email, SMS/text, social media

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Get your work done from anywhere
Machine Learning
Adapts to your needs
Keeps your data safe with bank-grade security
Complex algorithms ensure your data is correct
Lightning Fast
Drastically reduces time spent on legal time billing and related tasks
Works easily with many systems. Nothing to install!
Computers do your boring work

Legal Spend Management Software with
Everything You Want

  • No installation required.
  • Easily and automatically connects with your existing legal management software.
  • Adds powerful features to speed up your outside counsel management processes.
  • Makes your existing software smarter, easier and more accurate.
  • Substantially reduces billing disputes.
  • Learns and grows smarter the more you use it.

  • Substantially reduces time spent on invoice review.
  • Alerts your outside counsel of billing rules violations before they submit their invoices.
  • Alerts your outside counsel of overspending issues before they submit their invoices
  • Supports multiple users and administrators.
  • All applications are encrypted and secure to protect your data and information.