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BillerAssist for Clients lets you easily add AI-powered legal invoice review to your existing system:

  • Keep your existing system
  • Use AI to control legal expenses and reduce billing disputes
  • Automatically flags excessive and unreasonable charges, and violations of your billing guidelines, for both you and your Outside Counsel
  • Learns from your approved invoice data, and from your changes
  • Lets you communicate and manage billing expectations with your Outside Counsel in real time
  • Helps your Outside Counsel fix billing errors at the source, before invoices are submitted
  • Automatically identifies any remaining issues after invoices are submitted, for you to give the final approval
  • Save hours of time and hassle each month
  • Get set up in under 5 minutes!   

With our AI and machine learning technology, BillerAssist for Clients adapts to your billing requirements, and gets smarter and better the more you use it!

Simple Easy Pricing
  • per month
  • No add'l charge for Multiple Internal Users
  • No add'l charge for Multiple Outside Counsel
  • No Long Term Contract
  • Cancel at Any Time
  • Get Started With a Free Trial

How It Works

Three Easy Steps

Our app helps your Outside Counsel easily comply with your billing requirements and expectations

Our app then helps you identify any remaining issues, and give the final approval

When you approve bills, our app notifies your Outside Counsel to submit the approved bills to your existing system

Do you need a complete invoice and matter management system?

Easy to Use

Legal Spend Management with BillerAssist for Clients

Automatically Control Your Legal Spend

Our app lets you automatically review legal vendor bills and invoices, and control expenses.

Simple automated color codes immediately flag entries that are unreasonable or excessive, or violate your billing guidelines, based upon your settings and your own data.

The automated color codes are applied mathematically, in a standardized way.  This avoids idiosyncratic differences or errors.

The automated color codes allow you to clearly communicate your billing expectations to Outside Counsel, and drastically reduce billing errors and disputes.

The same automated color codes also appear in the interface that you see.  This drastically reduces the time spent on invoice review — just look for the color codes!

Legal Spend Management Software with BillerAssist for Clients

No Complicated or Time-Consuming Set Up

Set up takes less than 5 minutes!  

Our app comes with a built-in data set that is used for the various automation features.  This allows you to get started immediately.

For custom results, you can easily add your own historical approved invoice data in just minutes.  

You can choose to use only our data, only your own private approved invoice data, or both, with just a few clicks.

In addition, invoice entries that you approve in our app are automatically added to your own private data set.  This makes our app smarter and better the more you use it!

Legal Spend Management with BillerAssist for Clients | EffortlessLegal

Easy for Your Outside Counsel

Our app uses the popular and widely-available LEDES 1998B and LEDES 1998BI invoice formats.

This allows your Outside Counsel to easily import their entries for prescreening.

This also allows your Outside Counsel to easily export their approved invoices to your existing system.

Our app is also integrated with many different law firm systems, making our app even easier for your Outside Counsel to use.

Automatically Standardize and Control

Your Legal Spending

BillerAssist for Clients allows you to easily add powerful invoice “prescreening" to your existing system

  • Our app helps your Outside Counsel correct their own entries prior to invoice submission
  • Your Outside Counsel will see their own separate interface in our app
  • Your Outside Counsel can easily import their billing entries, or make entries manually
  • Problematic entries are automatically flagged with simple color codes
  • Billing guideline violations are automatically flagged for your Outside Counsel to correct 
  • Unreasonable or excessive charges are also flagged for correction 
  • Completely automates LEDES (UTBMS) coding to avoid idiosyncratic differences and errors, and provide better internal data analysis
  • After correcting the identified errors, your Outside Counsel can submit their cleaned up billing for your approval

BillerAssist for Clients uses AI and machine learning technology, and gets smarter the more you use it

  • Our app provides you with an easy reviewing interface with the same automated flagging features
  • All non-compliant and excessive charges will be clearly flagged
  • Includes optional buttons to automatically correct “problem" entries
  • Automation mathematically standardizes charges to prevent overbllling, and avoid billing disputes
  • Automation also standardizes LEDES (UTBMS) coding for better internal data analysis
  • Allows you to easily set billing requirements, and use your own approved invoice data to train the automation
  • Our app also allows you to easily see high-level metrics at a glance, and generate hundreds of different detailed and downloadable reports
  • After you give the final approval, your Outside Counsel can easily export their approved invoices to your existing system

Important Features

Real-Time Alerts
Provides real-time alerts for excessive charges, overbilling, and violations of billing rules
Works with your existing legal invoice and matter management system, no change to a new system is required
State of the art security features, including bank-grade encryption and more
Uses AI and machine learning to make invoice review easier and more efficient

Get Set Up in Under 5 Minutes

This video shows a new account getting set up in about 4 minutes

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See It In Action

Quick Overview

Easily Review Outside Counsel Billing

Provides a Separate Interface for Outside Counsel

Easily Enforce Billing Guideline Compliance

Easily Design and Generate Your Own Reports

Easily Train the App Using Your Own Billing Data

Easily Set Up a Matter

Quickly Import Many Matters by CSV

Easily Set Up Law Firms and Outside Counsel Users

Quickly Import Many Outside Counsel Users by CSV