Attorney Billing Software & Automation for Law Firms | BillerAssist for Clients

Use AI and Machine Learning to

Manage and Control Your Legal Spend


BillerAssist for Clients makes sure your outside counsel invoices are reasonable and compliant before the invoices even get submitted:

  • Drastically reduces billing disputes
  • Learns from your own billing data, and from your changes
  • Flags non-compliant entries for your outside counsel to correct prior to submission
  • Flags unreasonable or excessive charges prior to invoice submission
  • Provides an easy invoice review interface with same flagging features
  • Provides reports that you can also download

With our patent-pending artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, BillerAssist Complete only gets smarter the more you use it!

as low as


Monthly / Per User

Estimated Cost of Billing Review
Per In-House Counsel
Cost of Automating These Processes
Per User
as low as $7/month

Estimates assume $100 /hr average hourly cost per in-house invoice reviewer including related benefits and overhead, average of 10 hours per month per reviewer spent on invoice review.

Uses AI and machine learning to make invoice review easier and more efficient.
BillerAssist for Clients is highly secure
Real-Time Alerts
Provide real-time alerts for excessive charges, overbilling, and violations of billing rules