EffortlessLegal Launches Revolutionary New Legal Billing Automation Apps

EffortlessLegal, a Chicago-based tech company bringing advanced automation and machine learning products to the legal space, announced today the launch of its latest products in the area of legal billing automation with BillerAssistEffortless EasyCodes, and BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition.

All of EffortlessLegal’s products automate various aspects of legal work by integrating with various established billing platforms, with no need to switch to a new billing system.

The company’s latest releases offer law firms secure and easy-to-use cloud-based services that: (1) reduce or eliminate write-downs and write-offs; (2) completely automate UTBMS/LEDES coding; and (3) ensure easy billing rules and guidelines compliance, all with built-in machine learning that adapts to your firm’s specific needs.

“When we tested our latest billing automation products in a live law firm, the partners saved hundreds of hours that were previously spent reviewing bills,” said Holly Urban, the CEO and co-founder of EffortlessLegal.

“Our latest products adapt to each law firm, and become more accurate the more you use them, which is revolutionary in this space. This means law firms save even more time each month they use the app,” continued Urban.

EffortlessLegal’s latest offerings are browser-based, but also include fully functional Android and iOS apps, to allow firms to more easily bill from anywhere.

Demonstration videos, as well as other detailed information, are available for each product on EffortlessLegal’s website. Features include:

  • Easy to Set Up: No installation or data migration needed
  • Compatible: Easily works with existing software platforms, such as Clio, TimeSlips, and others
  • Adaptive: Learns and grows smarter from use to fit a law firm’s unique billing needs
  • Versatile: Available on all browsers, with applications for iOS and Android
  • Automated: UTBMS/LEDES coding is done completely automatically, with no pulldown menus
  • Write-Offs/Write-Downs: Real-time color code notifications when entries have unusual amounts
  • Billing Rules: Real-time notifications when entries violate rules configurable by client or matter
  • Predictive Billing: Predicts what the time entry will be as a user enters it

“We are addressing these problems with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities in a way that integrates seamlessly with software used in law firms,” said Urban.

EffortlessLegal tested and refined its latest offerings through live law firm usage over several years.

Firms interested in learning more can also receive a free trial before making a purchase decision.

About EffortlessLegal: EffortlessLegal allows you to keep your billing system, but also obtain the latest in automation technology. “EffortlessLegal” and all product names and logos are trademarks owned by EffortlessLegal LLC. All rights reserved