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You do not need to buy separate user accounts for every attorney and other timekeeper in your firm.

You can use one user account for your entire firm, even if your firm has multiple lawyers and other timekeepers.

With one user account, you can automatically process an entire month of billing for your entire law firm in just minutes.

You can do all of this with just one account:
(1) Quickly import new entries from your billing system
(2) Easily identify billing guideline violations and other “problematic" entries by color-codes
(3) Have all UTBMS codes applied automatically, with no human involvement
(4) Make any edits you want
(5) Easily export the approved and UTBMS-coded entries back to your billing system for invoicing

One user account costs only $39 per month

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2-10 Users
  • per user, monthly
  • for 2nd - 10th users
  • First user costs $39 /month
  • No Long Term Contract
  • Cancel at any time!
  • Each user gets their own access
  • No add'l charge for Local Counsel
  • Large firm options available
  • Important Features
11-50 Users
More than 50 Users

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