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Crowdfunding for Lawyers
· Works with Clio, RocketMatter, Timeslips, and other legal billing systems · Raise funds securely and privately
· Divide the cost of an otherwise expensive project
· Confidentially invite potentially large numbers of participants to share the cost of a project
· Easily manage and keep track of responses
· Works with many legal billing systems
· No more complicated LEDES file conversions
· No more rejections of erroneous invoices
· No more time-consuming hassle every month
· More LEDES file formats coming soon to allow more flexibility
Automate Your Intake
· Works with Clio and RocketMatter
· Invite potential clients
· Sign up clients from your website
· Automate conflict checks
· Utilize ready-to-use client intake forms
· Customize your own client intake forms
Easily Stay on Budget As You Work
- Alerts you when you are nearing budget
- Specific alerts for attorneys working on specific matters
- “Always on” technology continuously monitors your billing
- Works with BillerAssist, LedesAssist, BillerAssist LEDES Edition, Serengeti (Legal Tracker), and various billing systems

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“The LEDESConvert tool has been a true lifesaver for our new, boutique legal defense firm. [W]ith a major client that unexpectedly could only accept bills in the LEDES 2000 format, LEDESConvert's ability to easily, effortlessly, and accurately convert LEDES 1998B invoices to LEDES 2000 format has saved hundreds of hours of manual conversion time. A must-have solution!"
Joshua K.
Practicing Lawyer | California


Tested and proven in live law firms
Complex algorithms ensure your data is correct
Get your work done from anywhere
Lightning Fast
Drastically reduces time spent on legal time billing and related tasks
Machine Learning
Our patent-pending systems adapt to the way you do things
Works easily with many billing systems. Nothing to install!
Substantially increase your law firm's productivity


Law Practice Management Software with
Everything You Want

  • No installation required.
  • Easily and automatically connects with your existing legal software.
  • Adds powerful features to speed up your law firm management processes.
  • Makes your existing legal software smarter, easier and more accurate.
  • No need to migrate your data.
  • Learns and grows smarter the more you use.
  • Substantially reduces time spent on client intake and budgeting processes.
  • Invite and sign up potential clients from your website.
  • Keeps your entire client intake process in one place.
  • Specific alerts for attorneys working on specific matters.

  • Automates conflict checks during the client intake process.
  • Customizable client intake forms, invitations, specific budgeting needs.
  • Alerts you when you are nearing budget – no more surprises.
  • Specific alerts for attorneys working on specific matters.
  • Automates client budget tracking and compliance while “Always on” technology continuously monitors your billing.
  • Supports multiple users and administrators.
  • Automate your funding process by raising funds and dividing the cost of an otherwise expensive project.
  • All applications are encrypted and secure to protect your data and information.