Digital Voice Assistant Software (Free Download) | Legistee for Law Firms

Confidential Voice Billing Assistant for Lawyers



Confidential and Private:

Many digital voice assistants – also called ‘voice controlled digital assistants’ – listen all the time to everything you might be saying — even your confidential communications!  In addition, many other voice assistants send all of your voice and speech to be processed online, leaving your confidential communications potentially exposed.

Unlike the other voice controlled digital assistants, our virtual billing assistant keeps everything confidential and secure.

Our patent-pending process uses popular automated speech recognition services, such as those offered by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

This allows you to get the highest quality voice-to-text service available.

More importantly, it also allows you to keep all of your confidential communications completely private!

Work More Efficiently: 

Legistee makes your billing hands-free, allowing you to work on several tasks simultaneously while you also get your bills done.