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Legal Client Intake Software for your Law Firm | EffortlessIntake

Automate Your Client Intake

EffortlessIntake automates your law firm’s entire client intake process:

  • *NEW*  Get your intake forms e-signed
  • Invite potential clients
  • Sign up clients from your website
  • Automate your conflict checks
  • Personalize your email addresses and sign-in links
  • Includes many ready-to-use client intake forms and templates
  • Customize your own client intake forms

We make interviewing new clients effortless!

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$49 /month

Unlimited Intakes – Unlimited Users

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Client Intake Software from EffortlessLegal

Cost Effective

Estimated Monthly Cost
of Manual Client Intake per Employee
Monthly Cost of EffortlessIntake
For Your Entire Firm
$ 49

Estimate assumes $27 /hr average total hourly rate per administrative employee, average of 10 hours per month per administrative employee conducting data entry efforts for manual intake processes.

Important Features


Automated Client Intake Process: Easily send confidential links to potential clients to fill out your interview forms online, saving time, money, and paperwork for everyone!

Sign Up Clients From Your Website:  Personalize a website address you want to use to interview potential clients who visit your website!

Automated Conflict Checks: Automatically conduct conflict checks with your practice management system.

*NEW* Automated E-Signing:  Get your intake forms e-signed easily.


Sign up Clients from Your Website:  Our client intake software allows you to interview new clients and automatically conduct conflict checks — directly from your law firm’s website!

Simple to Build: No need for prior knowledge in software development or coding. Simply drag and drop the fields you want into your own client intake forms.

Includes several client intake sample forms:   Our client intake software offers several sample forms and templates for you to start off with:

  • Probate
  • Divorce
  • Auto Accident (Defense)
  • Auto Accident (Plaintiff)
  • Medical Malpractice (Defendant Doctor)
  • Medical Malpractice (Defendant Hospital)
  • Medical Malpractice (Plaintiff)
  • Personal Injury 

Modifiable Templates:  Our sample forms and questionnaires  may not cover all the specific fields you may need, but our legal intake software offers easy customization to create client intake forms more tailored to your law firm’s practice area.

Limitless Possibilities:  Any client intake form can be enhanced with the following features:

  • Text Fields
  • Number Fields
  • Radio Buttons
  • Check Boxes
  • Drop-down Menus
  • Comment Boxes

EffortlessIntake also has more advanced custom field add-ons such as:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Conditional formatting options


EffortlessIntake integrates with your favorite practice management software to keep your client intake process in one place.

Integrations currently include:


Paperless: No more stacks of paper client intake forms. No more data entry to get new clients set up in your client intake software.  Going paperless means everything is automatically uploaded online, saving time while reducing paper consumption, and office space!

Easy to Access: Clients can simply log in to your website to fill out conflicts questions, and respond to interview requests.

Form Building Service: No time to build client intake forms? Contact us and our team will create forms for you based on your needs!

Encrypted and Secure

EffortlessLegal takes security seriously.

Like most quality legal documentation software, all of your data with our app is encrypted both “in transit" and “at rest."

In other words, all transmissions to and from the EffortlessIntake service, and all items stored in the EffortlessIntake system, are all encrypted using at least 256-bit SSL certificates, providing strong “bank-grade" security.

As an additional security measure, our systems are regularly checked and certified by security experts who specialize in high-risk industries like banking and financial services. Contact us if you would like a copy of the latest report.

For more information about how we secure your data, please see:  Data Security and Protection

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$49 /month

Unlimited Intakes – Unlimited Users

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