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Law Firm Billing Software for Attorneys & Legal Practices | EffortlessBudget
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Coordinates Client and Law Firm Systems

EffortlessBudget syncs up with your clients’ invoicing software to keep all your timekeepers on budget.

Automatic Syncs

EffortlessBudget updates itself when time and expense entries in your legal time billing software time billing software don’t correspond to what is in your clients' invoicing systems.

Encrypted and Secure

All of your data is encrypted "in transit" and " at rest".

For more information about how we secure your data, please click here:  Data Security and Protection

Real-Time Alerts

If you’re getting too close to your budget, EffortlessBudget will send the specific people working on the matter a text or email to alert them and help them get back on track.

Keep Your Legal Billing Software

EffortlessBudget currently works with Clio and Serengeti (Legal Tracker). More integrations are on the way!

Proven to Work

EffortlessBudget was tested in live law firms before being released to the public.