DocumentConnex: Verify Documents and Other Files Years Later

DocumentConnex was created with your needs in mind.

Take advantage of the application’s groundbreaking technology, so you can sign, verify, and import files in a simple and secure way.

As technology continues to grow, signing documents electronically is becoming more commonplace.  With that comes the risk of hackers trying to steal
your information, and the need for permanently verifiable documents.

With DocumentConnex and its secure blockchain technology, your digital files can be verified as authentic months, years, or decades later — all while staying out of the wrong hands.

Uploading a file with the verify button allows you to verify the document’s file name, signing authority, who signed the document, the date and time that the document was signed, and blockchain security information.  This feature will only work with a file that has already gone through the signing process.

Upon logging into the site, you’ll be shown the dashboard and presented with three options of what you would like to do with your document.  Navigating back to the dashboard will show you files that have been signed, and options to download or delete them. The search bar also makes it easy to find a particular document.

The import button allows you to import multiple documents through integrations with a variety of cloud storage platforms.  Once connected, you can select a range of dates for the files you’d like to sign.  The documents will then be imported into DocumentConnex, giving you the power to sign and verify many documents quickly and easily.

The sign button begins the process of digitally signing your selected file. Once selected, the document’s title and description will be entered.  After you electronically sign, the green checkmark will let you know you’re successful.

An email will arrive at the address associated with your account. It will contain a certificate with your file name, date and time of signing, and an ID unique to your document.