EffortlessIntake Launched!

Law Firm Client Intake Form Management & Legal Intake Process Automation

We are excited to announce the launch of EffortlessIntake – a cloud-based product designed to automate a law firm’s intake process.

Using the app, lawyers can easily invite potential clients to interview through a secure online platform. Potential new clients can sign up directly from the law firm’s website. EffortlessIntake comes with several ready-to-use intake forms. In addition, EffortlessIntake conducts preliminary conflict checks as part of the intake process.

As a whole, the app saves law firms significant time and expense by automating the intake process, and provides clients with an easy and secure way to provide information to their counsel.

Firms interested in learning more can receive a free trial before making a purchase decision.

We are bringing advanced automation and machine learning products to law firms looking to increase productivity and efficiency. Our high-tech applications automate various aspects of legal work and law practice management, and integrate with popular systems already used by law firms.

Effortlesslegal continues to revolutionize the legal space with even more apps due for public release in the coming weeks.


To view our press release, click here!